Importing SVG from Inkscape

Hi All

no matter what I try when importing a hershey text svg file from inkscape i get the error in easel.

I hit the crtl, shift c and ive saved as inkscape svg and plain svg neither work

This was working before for me.

Any ideas?


Save as DXF and reloaded into Inkscape saved as SVG and was able to load it into Easel

I’ve found that opening the SVG files in and saving them from there usually lets Easel open them. No idea why, but it works for me.

That also worked for me Robert

Ok I have been trying to figure out why Hershey text will not import.

  1. text with no spaces seems to import fine.
  2. You need to restart Inkscape if Easel chokes on a file (File is corrupt and can not be edited)

So in summary start Inkscape - enter your Hershey text (if you need spaces use a minus symbol and delete it in Easel after you import it) Save file and import into Easel

Hope that all makes sense

Make sure to save you svg as “optimized svg” format in inkscape

Thanks Guys for all the help

I was importing single words before when it worked, this time i tried a phrase with spaces, it didnt like that, put the dashes where spaces were to go and it worked perfect. deleted the dashes once imported into easel