Importing SVG with GreyScale

I am attempting to create my carve in CorelDraw, and then exporting to SVG, and importing to Easel to cut.

At this point, I just did the outer rings, and have three levels: BLACK, White, and 1 grey.
When I import into Easle, it all comes in at fulldepth/black.

If I take the same image and put it into Inkscape it looks correct.

What am I doing wrong?

Convert the circles to paths. Resulting SVG below.

So I did that… and it looks fine in Corel, and Inkscape… but when I import the SVG into Easle… it is one black blob. (the paths are there and I can select them, but I lose all the greyscale settings)

The SVG above is your file, opened in inkscape, Object to Path, save.
Imported to Easel.

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