Importing Text from DXF file

Hello, I am having difficulty importing text when I create a file in draft-sight and convert it to either a dxf or svg file. Any shapes I draw will show up but no text will. I have also tried creating a block instead of individual entities but the text still does not show up.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

Thanks, Steve

Sounds like you might need to explode the text.

Hallelujah, thanks Martin that did the trick… I did do a standard “Explode” and that didn’t do it but I typed the TXTEXP in the window at the bottom and that worked… Thanks so Much… Saves me a lot of headaches now…

BTW… LUV the Explorer!!!


Great. Glad it worked. I recall having to explode text years ago for other CAM programs I used. The guitar is actually a star shape. I made it for my son in law. I wound double white PAF’s for it too. It was nearly done here in this pic.