Importing to Easel from Vetric VCarve

I am a new X-Carve user and have only been able to make a couple of things while I learn and work out the 'kinks;. I also have Vetric VCarve software that I enjoy designing on as it has so much more potential and ability to do much more than just Easel. I recently upgraded the version to 11 from 10.5. However, now I cannot import my toolpaths/g codes from Vetric as Easel says that there is a ‘syntax error’ in the code. I reverted back to the earlier version and was able to import the g code without any problems. I have also downloaded the post processor to the file as instructed but to no avail.

Does someone know how to fix this issue?

Can you share the gcode that threw the error?
Which post processor did you use to generate that gcode?

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you need to set up post processor in v carve , v carve has a large library of post processor.

two post processor millimeters and Inches

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Vetric’s V11 software now includes that post processor found in the Easel guide pre-installed but re-named as “X-Carve” you’ll need to select one of these and apply it, then you can save the gcode and it should load without the syntax error…

If I knew how to share the g code, I would gladly do so.
Also the below image is a screenshot of the error message that I get .

As for the post processor, I have already selected the X-Carve *gcode - inch. I have gone into the Machine configuration and made the changes. Same issue occurs.

Ohh, interesting, those I and J are arc functions… I’ve had a similar issue using certain post processors in other software from time to time…
I did notice that this guide was updated 2 days ago, however the video is from 2018, so I’m not sure if that would help:

And did you try the supplied post processor from Easel’s site using this little folder at the bottom of this photo?

IF that doesn’t work another option to TRY is the “G-code” generic post processors to see if that’ll work… If I had the paid version of Vcarve I’d try it for you, but since I’m just messing with the trial one I can’t verify which one of these will resolve your issue…

Vectric jacked up the installed posts on the version change. A few threads here on the matter.
Install this one.
Easel_Grbl_Inch.pp (3.4 KB)


Thank you Neil. I will try that as well.

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