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Impossibile generare G.code

Non si riesce a generare un G-code
Dopo aver creato il tutto e nominato il file,quando vado ad aprire la finestra dove dice di generare il G-code,appena clicco mi si apre una finestra dove ci sta il link per un abbonamento e relativo sistema di pagamento.
Ma che stupidate è,sto sistema funziona o è una bella fregatura che mi fa solo perdere tempo…

If you’re talking about in Easel, after you have made your design:

  1. Click on “Machine” in the menu bar.
  2. In the bottom-right corner, click on “Advanced”
  3. On the next screen, click on “Generate gcode”.
  4. Click on “Export gcode”

If you are simply trying to carve through Easel, on the page with the information about paying for a subscription, scroll down to see where you can use a free day. Or try removing “pro” elements from your carve if you do not want to use a free day.

Sorry for replying in English, but I do not know Italian. :frowning:

yes, I know how I have to do to generate the code, only when I click “generate g-code”, the subscription window to esael pro continues to appear

You must have “Pro” elements in your design.

You get four free days of Pro each month, activated for 24 hours each time you choose to use one. If you haven’t used yours up yet, try scrolling down the subscription window until you see the option to activate one of your free days.

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I suspect that Easel will not let you download g code with Pro elements with a free subscription. That would allow you to do unlimited carves of a Pro design by sending that code in another sender.

Ciao scusa una domanda quando inizia a fresare la mia cnc (ho una 3018 pro) comincia a fresare quasi fuori dal pezzo sai come posso configurare? grazie.

I’m sorry, but I do not know. I am not familiar with the configuration of your CNC.