Improve strength of knob

need to replace a broken knob on a mr heater knob part# 28651.
I’m soliciting suggestions to make it stronger.

Broken Part.

Stock photos

Make one out of aluminum…do it in 2 parts

More specifically? Words, mockup or napkin sketch?

Two parts… One a cylinder, one a disk… Make them interlock… I can draw something up tomorrow.

words sufficient. no drawing necessary unless you feel the need.

Clamp on a set of these sum-beaches and be done! :grinning:


I’ve fixed old, broken knobs with wire. I usually use copper. Fit the broken pieces with some super glue, etc. Doesn’t have to be too strong. After cured, wind the wire tightly around the shaft, then paint the wire layer with a coat of epoxy. You’ve basically sleeved the shaft. I’ve had repairs last many years that way.

This is what I am talking about…I am at work and do not have access to my my CAD program…but this is the general idea…cutting the knob as 2 pieces so you can have a taller finished piece. the pieces fit together, you will need to machine both ends of the cylinder one with the interlocking cross shape (or any shape you wish) and the other end with the shape necessary to fit on the device you need the knob for…make sense?

Vise-grips, the universal replacement knob.

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thanks for the drawing. the cross shape to connect the two halves is interesting.

I don’t have the other half of the broken piece. I inherited the heater from an Aunt.

Great technique, thanks for sharing.

I could 3d print it
just send me a file and I will run it using poly carb material or even nylon if you perfer.

thanks. going to take a crack at carving it first…
too cold in the garage presently.