In-laws House number sign

So my father in law wanted me to carve out a sign with his house number on it on a slab of cedar burl that he has kept for over 20+ years planning on always using it for that purpose. Once I got the x-carve he wanted me to carve it for him. He wanted both sides done so he could hang it at the end of his driveway.

Let’s just say I was I little nervous to carve up a piece of wood that he had been hanging onto for so long.

So there were a few things I had to take into consideration. The slab was so thick I had about an 1/8" clearance between the z axis rail and the top of the slab. Another issue was that it wasn’t completely level with the x-carve. To work around that I marked out where it was going to carve and found my highest point on the piece. That would be my z axis zero. And my other issue was how to clamp it down. I didn’t want to screw thru it, and my bolts for the clamps were to short. So I used a couple pieces of metal banding and ran them across the top and bottom of the piece and screwed the banding to the wasteboard.

So here’s my results from the first side. Turned out ok I think. Just have to get the second side done.


That turned out great!


Looks great!. It is always nerve-wracking cutting into a one-of-a-kind piece of wood.

Nice! At least it was dry! :laughing: