In Search of a 1000mm X-carve somewhere near Illinois

Like the title says, looking for 1000mm Xcarve for sale near Illinois. PM me if you have one for sale near me?

Still looking for a X-Carve near Illinois. Budget is $900-$1000, but may consider adjusting my price on condition and configuration.


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Thx… What is the company name?

I think it starts with an I something.

I tried finding it online and can’t seem to find anything in Chicago that sells X-Carves. Still looking for a used X-carve.

How about Inventables?

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lol, I’m officially stupid. They are located in Chicago aren’t they and someone was just being a smart a! If someone has one for sale, I’d be glad to buy it. 3-4 week lead time on new ones and I’d like to test the used market before going new.

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i got one for sale $1000 with extras

Kurt - where are you, and what extras? I’m in Indiana, and looking for one too.

sent you an email Kurt.

Are you still looking for an x carve, I’m in indiana and have a loaded 1000mm x 1000mm for sale

Myron - I ended up picking one up a couple of months ago. Thanks!

I haveone i just decided to sell all my bits and dust collector $1500 im l located in Coshocton Ohio