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In ugs all I get is Error:8

Help please I’m new. In ugs I set $20 $21 $22 to 0 then I ran the set up wizard. I tried to jog and all I get is error:8.

Can you set up through Easel?

X-Carve Instructions: Computer Setup (

Oh nice thank you. I will go give it a try now!

For some reason my machine will go just fine for a min then half way through it just keeps going in a direction until it hits the limit switch. Then when I try it in easel it just crashes and willl not run. I’m getting so frustrated. I did a couple test carves with candle… the first cut it started going the opposite way from what it should. I tried it again and then it worked fine. I tried it a third time with an end mill instead of a v carve and it went for about 30 seconds then just drifted away to the stops.

Omg I think I got it 3 good v carves and all is good. I had the computer and offline controller plugged in at the same time. As soon as I unplugged the offline controller it just did what I asked.

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