Inaccurate cutting depth after adding x-controller

Hello, after upgrading my x-carve with the X-controller, my machine does not cut at the correct depth. can anyone help on calibration.

If you command a jog of 1/2" how far do the Z actually change?
Possibly a micro step issue (sorted by correct dip switch settings)

I haven’t noticed it when jogging but when i set the depth to 1/4" it would proceesd to cut about 1/2’ deep.

Post your $$ settings. What is $102=? And check your dip switches in your controller.

I wonder if the Z axis microstepping config switches on the X-Controller board are correct, see here.

Go to Phil’s Tips he covers this.
When you changed controllers the settings are not the same.
You will need to calibrate all axis to ensure proper operation.
I keep endorsing Phil but his tips are great and he helped the community so much.

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