Incomplete Order - no response (again) from Customer Service

I ordered a bit, clamp set and feeling happy about my new X-carve, I also ordered an Inventables t-shirt to do my part to spread the word.

Unfortunately, when the shipment email came in, the t-shirt wasn’t listed on the invoice. I sent an email to and received no response.

The package came in today and nope, no t-shirt. I have been charged for it and I would like a refund. I have sent another email out but as I didn’t get a response from the first…

I wouldn’t normal make a post like this, but I shouldn’t have to chase down my orders. I really want to support inventables, but I’m struggling now. My X-carve came in and it was missing a few bolts. I let it go and found replacements but so far 2 out of 2 orders with inventables were incomplete.

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hope you get this settled. I have yet to deal with customer service but I hear very good things so far, so I hope they come through. didn’t know they sold t-shirts, might have to order one.

Sometimes it takes a day, or so, for them to respond.

Apparently they don’t, but their system will still charge you for it. I got a letter with my X-Carve talking about the company and at the bottom it says T-shirts and the URL they can be found at. the URL was active until a couple hours ago.

And it does take a day or two to hear back from customer service. But they are easy to work with and will try to fix the issue as quickly as possible. At least that’s the experience I’ve had.

I was missing a couple items and also received the wrong delrin nut. My intial email was replied to in 1 hour. My follow up email was not answered for 14 hours. I send a third and decided after 30 minutes to just see if calling would be better. Five minutes later I had a UPS tracking number and the parts should be here tomorrow (next day shipping)

If email communication is slow, give them a call. It’s much quicker. They are a pleasure to talk to.


Hi @ChristopherJones,

I apologize for the poor experience you had with us. Unfortunately, our inventory count was off for the T-shirts. This resulted in the shirt being able order the shirt without us having it in stock. We are still out of stock on this item, and the XL shirts as well. We have refunded you for the shirt and sent a you a gift as an apology.

We are a small customer success team working through a huge influx for cases, we do our best to give quick and precise answers to our customers.

If there is anything else you would like us to do, please do not hesitate to message me directly.