Inconsistent line size

Need some help here. I am running the Jtech 2.8W laser for simple engraving. I am generating the G-Code just fine and utilizing UGS for the laser. I am focusing the laser as small as I can possible get it but it is burning a rectangle rather than a circle. Looking at the pictures, my diagonal lines are what is showing the inconsistency. Both sets of diagonal lines were set to 45 degrees, opposing directions. My vertical and horizontal lines are the same .035 inches as the one set of 45 lines. Thank you for the help in advance!

I just recently got a 2.8 as well. I read somewhere here that what your seeing is normal. The beam actually burns in an oval shape. So one 45 degree has the thin part of the oval while the other has the wide. You’ll have to orient your work th accommodate. It’s much better explained in that thread. Couldn’t find it tho. Read through them it is there. Also focuse at 3 inches. On something dark. A black anodized plate works very well.