Incorrect sizes

good day when i import a dxf file it opens at a much larger scale how di i resolve this

Click on your object and grab a box in the corner. By moving it in or out, you can make the object larger or smaller in relation to the grid spacing. I’d also check your DXF and see what the scale is.

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Continuing on the recommendation by @MartinW.Mcclary, if you have multiple objects that are not connected. Click away from everything and drag over all objects to select them all, or click one object, right-click, select the “Select by Matching Depth” context menu option (as long as all of the objects are of the same depth of course). Then continue with dragging the design one way or the other to resize. Or, if you want to make sure the aspect ratio remains the same, in the object pane window in the design area you will want to lock the ratio in the “Size” section and then change either the Width or Height to match your required dimension.


Brandon Parker