Increase Holding Torque on Steppers

Hey guys. I have fully assembled my x carve and everything went great. I ran a few test cuts with no problem. I went to do a roughing/detail pass combination and I ran into problems changing the bits.

When I change the bits I torque the bit down to keep it seated and not change the z height (not ridiculously tight). However in doing so (installing and removing the bit) I flex the whole assembly and it moved a step or two on the X axis. I have repeated these cuts and I’d say this only happens 20% of the time (usually on removing the 1/4" bits).

I torque the bit down tight because the first run I had, the bit actually went shallower into the material then I specified.

Is there any way to tell the x controller to increase the amperage on the motors or something to lock the steppers tighter, or would I have to get larger steppers?

Verify that your GRBL $1 parameter = 255
Also the Xcontroller have a dip switch where you can set “lock current” to low or high IIRC (I dont have the Xcontroller so can\t comment further)

DIP Switch #4 on each axis. Switch to OFF.

Thanks guys, it seems the #4 dip switch is the answer. I will try it out.

Note that the switch position only set hold-current for the duration specified in GRBL value $1=x
x = milliseconds, value 255 = ON 100% of the time. Preferred.
=> $1=255
Change if required.

I will check that. Thanks for explaining the meaning.

Another solution would be, if you notice that you move it in x or y direction. Home the machine before the secound cut. If you use a z probe, probe as always and say use last x y. If you don’t have a probe say use last zero start the carv and immediately cancel it the bit will return to x y zero and z park/safe and you just have to find your new z.