Increase Preview Graphics?

Hey guy’s so I got a request by someone to make them a sign, and it’s going to be my first time making a sign that has so much detail. They want to have a stella bottle engraved onto the sign with a few limes and some text. Anyways I am trying to work on the stella logo, but it almost seems impossible to get any idea on how this is going to turn out, due to the preview being so blurry and undetailed. Anyone have any ideas how to get a better idea or make changes?

start with a good quality logo:

other than that you are completely correct, the preview is rubbish, although yours seem to be even more lowres than usual…

heck even the aspire and v-carve pro preview is not the greatest lol

Wich is weird considering I have a 2000$ pc I built for editting so I figured the graphics would scale to my gfx card

The thing is that this particular should probably be v-carved, not sure you’ll get good results with normal bits and easel

the thing I hate most about v-carve simulation is the speed I want to have full control over it

even on the maximum rendering setting the speed still goes to fast to see somethings

there are times in some of my work that I need to see things move extremely extremely slow

also the graphics are not very good I mean they are alright but its gets all full of pixels at alot of angles

If it is too fast…slow it down.

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thats what I am saying even at the slowest possible setting in V-carve its still to fast for some cases

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lol right!!

na i guess I jsut got so used to fusion 360 and high quality simulations that when I got V-carve I really disliked it but I think for V-carves intended use its pretty good

and super easy to send customers images of what it will look like

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Try clicking simulate. We are working on the preview.


do you know the backend behind that simulate function? why is it so hard to render in a really high resolution?

I don’t. I think it has to do with the mapping to the geometry. Also the trade off between fast loading and photorealistic.

I have always been thrown off by the wood texture. It’s not helpful at all imo, and it muddies the preview. It always seems like hard edges are rounded off… Maybe hard edges should be shown with a (hint of a) line?


V-carve end result

fusion 360 end result

I still wouldn’t call it ‘great’ but in Easel if you hit the Simulate button and check the box for ‘hide material’ the preview shows only the tool paths. It’s a lot easier to diagnose at that point if something’s missing from being too small (which is what I suspect all that red/orange in your preview is).

Edit - no insult intended Inventables, Easel is of course not going to equal a multi-100-dollar tool for previews when it’s browser-based.

yeah I do like the ability to do that and in fusion you can turn your model into a wire frame to really be able to get up close and inside of it

@WorkinWoods …apologies if I’m out of line but… “Rahcel”??? Did you transpose perchance? Want to save you before you cut if so.

(“No regerts!”)


@WorkinWoods your top image, with the Tardis…

oh yeah lol I know its spelled wrong

thanks for heads up

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