Increase the resolution of a v-carve letter?

Not sure if I am relaying this properly, but I did a test V-Carve of some simple text with my new v-carve bits. Appearance, kearning and general shape of the letters were all spot on. What I noticed though was on the circular inclusive letters that had centers (think “o” or "d"or “e”) for fonts that had slight tapering, the Z axis lift stepping seemed to create what I would call “stepping” through the actions of the turn and lift at those tapers.

Is there a way to make the xcarve behave in a smoother fashion when curving and lifting the bit for a tapered font?

what was your cut depth and speeds, you can rerun the text at full depth at a second pass to try and clean it up. Its either that or check your v wheels to be they are all snug