Independent roughing & detail cut settings

Hi Everyone,

Today we released support for specifying cut settings independently for your roughing and detail bits when using 2 stage carves. You’ll see the following panel now when using this feature:

You no longer need to remember to change the settings between passes. This should hopefully improve the experience of using the two stage carve functionality.

Please let us know if you have any feedback or problems using this new feature.



Thanks. Easel is getting better and better and still remains easy to use and understand.

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Great addition!

Seriously I can’t like this enough. I should borrow @PhilJohnson’s like emoji thing.

If I unlike and relike does it spam notifications? I feel like that might adequately convey my excitement for this change.


Simply Awesome… The final step will be v-carving… but that’s another story… or thread as it might be.

Does this carry over to saving/exporting the gcode?

Yep. The settings used for each bit will be respected in the generated g-code for the roughing and detail passes.


Great Sir
You getting better every day
and it improves my milling

Thank´s alot
Kristian / Sweden

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Thanks. :slight_smile:

How do you choose to do 2 stage cuts