Industrial cnc

Probably going to be an unpopular question on here, but anywho. I know we all drool when we look at industrial cnc tables until we see the price… But the opportunity to of buying one has come my way for my sisters company (i’m her operator). Currently, we are running a 48x96 table that was custom built with many parts you’ll find on x-carves (just on a bigger scale, runs with Mach3), and that is how i got involved in the community. The guy that built it led me to Inventables. Since then i’ve bought my own 1000mm (currently still building).

So whats the scoop on industrial cnc’s? What are things to look for? I’ve been doing some investigating myself and I’m thinking about going with this Baileigh (We need a few other machines as well, purchasing in bulk will help our shipping cost).

Its the same size (we dont need to go bigger, just faster). Has the option of having a Vacuum table *drool. And at its fastest can supposedly cut 590in per minute roughly.

Caveat: I am completely ignorant in this area, but I’m going to answer, anyway. At a guess, I’d say that you want to look at after-sale service, accuracy tolerances (and whether they are in line with the type of work you’re going to have the machine do), and durability/reliability of the machine, primarily.

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Some good things to keep in mind. Thanks!

Didn’t see anything about pneumatic but if it requires air ensure it’s clean and dry.
Solenoids are common failure by simply hooking up a compressor without an adequate drier/water trap.

Also, tool changer would be a big plus on a production machine. Roughing with a large bit then going down to a smaller diameter to hit the details will save you on run time if there’s an automated tool change option.

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What is your budget?

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Sorry forgot to put that lol! Would like to keep it under $15k.