Info on Gwizard and Gwizard Editor

As a lot of people know I am a great supporter of Gwizard and Gwizard Editor. Here is an article about some benifits of using Gwizard Editor. I think folks new to CNC may find it helpful.


Here is another article from Bob that folks may find helpfull


Honestly, I LOVE the idea. But that’s just more than I can cough up for a yearly subscription, just for working in wood. If they had a wood-specific, cut-down version that I could just purchase, I’d already long since have it. I just am not a fan of subscription-based stuff.

If I had not gotten a great deal on a life time subscription I’d be in the same boat. I was still working and so I had the money. Now that I am retired it would be a different story.
If you run into any feed and speed problems give me a shout and I will help you work it out.


Man, I’d sure be using it in that situation myself! It seems like an awesome idea, and would really pay off for a machine shop or something like that. Just not quite as useful for a home CNC, that is going to be limited to the very bottom of the range, and only a tiny handful of materials.

If they ever DO make a cut-down version for users like us, I’ll be first in line! I’d LOVE not to be guessing all the time!

I have 5 or 6 email addresses, so I’ve just been registering one as another expires. I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I run out of email addresses though :cold_sweat:

Bob is having a Labor Day sale. If you have been thinking about getting Gwizard or Gwizard Editor here is a link to the sale.


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Yep, I’m with Dan on this one. No subscriptions for me. Just can’t afford it. Labor Day lifetime sale is a good discount but I still can’t swing it.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind paying for good tools. I bought Vcarve Pro.

I just wouldn’t use it enough to justify the cost.

Many companies have started to realize the value in offering a “hobby” or “educational” license for their software. More people that use it are more likely to recommend it and then it ends up in the work place or school. Provides more customers in the future.

That’s not a bad deal! Still more than I can really afford to cough up, but if you’re doing a lot of machining that is pushing the X-Carve’s envelope, it’s probably worth the dough. I’ve already forked over the cash for MeshCAM and V-Carve, so I’m pretty much tapped out on CNC software funds!

Dude, there’s a “lite” version for under a hundred bucks for 1hp, or $109 right now for 3hp Both are lifetime, no subscription stuff! I just picked up the 3HP version, I think this is really going to pay for itself fairly quickly.