Initial Calibration - Testing Limit Switches Problem

Hello! I just finished putting my X-Carve together and started the computer calibration and am running into a problem with the Z-axis limit switch. When i hit start, the Z-axis drives up but when it gets to the top carriage stops, but the motor keeps going causing the grinding/jumping of the belt. The carriage has the limit switch pressed it actually clicks but it did not stop the motor. I have looked over the wiring and it appears to be correct according to the instructions (red wire on the middle terminal and the black wire on the terminal closes to the roller wheel on the plunger arm) Can anyone shed some light as to what my problem may be? I did try looking through older posts, but did not see anything answering this question.

Richard Thompson

You could try testing the switch with a multi meter to rule out switch or wiring

I could…if i had a multi meter lol. I probably should buy one.

I have used them in the past, just never had the need to really own one for myself.

I think I found my problem though, stupid mistake, the black wire needed to be on the back side of the homing switch (opposite of the roller) I went back through the instructions like 3 times and just caught that, so i’m trying it now.

These days they’re relatively inexpensive so there’s no excuse not to have one in your toolbox. The Mooshimeter will even turn your iPhone into a cool multimeter.

Do you have a harbor freight around you? You can usually get one there for free with any purchase just look in there coupons. Not the top quality best you can buy but good enough for most stuff and FREE. Hopefully switching the wires gets it sorted for you

@BobJewell, I did switch the wires on the homing switch, but i also checked the wires at the terminal on the back of the X-controller. One of them fixed the problem because it’s working now :slight_smile: lol

Thanks everyone for your responses, appreciate the help! Hopefully I’ll be able to chime in with answers as I learn more about this machine!

Ok, now that is a pretty neat little gadget lol.

Unfortunately it only comes in clear, which makes it look like a toy, but I 'm thinking of getting one and painting it black from the inside.

Just a thought, did you check to see if homing is enabled in your settings?


Yes, I did get it going. I had the black wire on the Z-axis homing switch on the wrong terminal, at least according to the instructions. I also double checked the connections at the back of the X-Controller and then everything works fine. Made my first test cut and it works perfect :slight_smile: Now I just need to read more on the feed rates and see what i can safely increase to based on bit size and material.

unhook limit switches from controller and use a small wall charger or battery and a small light to make a tester to check the wiring. the controller can be tested by moving axis’s away from home and put a lead on ground and shorting each of the 3 pins for the switches on the controller. if any of this makes any nickels and dimes

I’m new to the cnc world and trying to do an initial carve for the first time with my x carve. I’m using easel for machine calibration. During the homing switch test my z axis moves to the homing switch and stops like it’s supposed to, then starts going the other direction until i have to hard stop it before it hits the waste board. Does anyone have any insight on this issue?