Initial homing of xyz axis

The z axis moved in the right direction touched the limit switch made grinding noise then stopped never moved to x or y axis

Thanks Phil will look into debugging.

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Phil’s response is accurate, but that grinding noise was your belt slipping because the spindle reached the top and was physically limited but the stepper motor doesn’t know that so it keeps trying.

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How do you fix belt slipping issue Traxxtar

You don’t if your Z-axis reaches the top physically and has no where else to go. You need to fix the homing issue Phil mentioned. If your belts are slipping elsewhere, then something’s loose.

Phil and traxxtar I just wanted to say thanks again in the process of debugging I went back to homing switch section of the build.I realized that I had installed a mechanical stop in form of a m3 socket head to prevent breaking my limit switches. the problem was the m3 socket head was to far down not allowing the limit switch to make contact.

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That would do it. :wink: Good to know you got it fixed…now go carve something beautiful!