Initial setup step motor test

I did a search and can’t find the answer. In the Machine set up upon initial set up of xcarve machine, it has you do a test of the step motors. Well, none of them are moving. I can hear the motors engaging, but nothing is moving. Tightened, loosened, checked plugs wires and connections!!! Can anyone help?

Welcome to the forums. Start with making sure the Estop is seated all the way. That would be all the way up and turn the knob. Is the carve button at the top green or blue?

I checked it. It’s all the way out. I only have one light on and its on the back of the xcontroler next to the power switch.

Make sure it is all the way up and twist it.

So, I did that. Tested it. When engaged disconnects the controller from the computer. Took apart the controller. Disconnect/reconnected everything. I can hear the motors actuating, but not moving. Still no light on on the front part of the controller. Powers on, green light on the back on next to switch. Pulling my hair out!!!

Do you have the set screws installed on the stepper motors ? ( My new to me one was missing all of them, only the Z axis kinda works).

Check the inside USB cable where it mounts to the board. Mine was loose from the factory and actually popped off while I was on the phone with support. They were quick to send me a new board and that fixed the problem.

Just an update: I tried everything that all the kind people in the forum suggested with negative results, so I had to call Inventables for support. They answered within a few rings. The guy on the other sent me link and he was able to attempt to troubleshoot it from his end. He tried everything within the software with negative results as well. New mother board will be here Friday. Thanks to all who tried to help. I will update if that is truly the fix.

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