Inkscape Jtech extension

I wanted to experiment with the Inkscape jtech laser gcode extension but have found the gcode output to be interesting and something I hadn’t dealt with yet using the x-carve and various software tools (i.e. easel, v-carve, picengrave pro, UGS, Picsender, etc). I am using the 0.9i grbl so I know I will have to change the S254 to a S1100 or something close to that to get the max laser out. Do the ‘I’ and ‘J’ elements work if I just use UGS or Picsender with the gcode created by Inkscape?

here is an example of the gcode created:
M05 S0

G0 F900
G0 X99.3529 Y26.4973
G4 P0
M03 S254
G4 P0
G0 F100.000000
G3 X95.9408 Y31.2168 I-17.6265 J-9.1505
G3 X93.9145 Y32.0707 I-2.0262 J-1.9772
G3 X93.2688 Y31.9803 I-0. J-2.3508
G3 X91.3418 Y31.3357 I6.271 J-21.9513
G2 X76.5412 Y28.2137 I-17.1097 J44.4679
G2 X62.6533 Y29.9438 I-1.9767 J40.7389
G2 X49.4892 Y38.9875 I7.7515 J25.3858
G2 X42.148 Y56.1879 I28.6774 J22.4065

I am actually using 0.9j versus 09.i. Sorry for any confusion

I and J are coordinates for the G2/3 arcs and should work w/ any G-code sender. Discussion of codes supported by Grbl:

I did check out wiki details on it. The arcs are interesting. I haven’t worked with them in the past. It should be interesting to see what the machine does with those details.

Hi Jeremy,

Just search for S254 and replace with S1100 in a text editor. It’s only on/off gcode it’s generating from vectors.