Inkscape or Alternative workflow

I’m finally able to unbox my Shapeoko 2 and begin assembly, new house purchase and readying the first house for rental took a lot of my time … TL;DR

At any rate, I am building out my workshop and I have a small Linux machine I was planning to use for driving the Shapeoko along with my vinyl cutter. From what I read there are plugins for Inkscape that can be used to create GCode and I was wondering if anyone else had tried this type of workflow? I do all of my artwork on my MacBook and keep it in a git repo on bitbucket, this makes it easy to keep the workshop machine up to date by pulling the latest on the repo and if I can get that to work out I’d ideally love that versus buying an old iMac to mount to my workbench for the Shapeoko.

Finally, if not something like I’m suggesting I’d love to hear about some alternatives. Thanks, I look forward to this becoming an active community.

I haven’t been able to get the gcode plugin to work on my machine. I’ve been taking SVG’s and importing them into Easel. It’s probably the simplest solution and it is free. If you want something more complicated you can look at some of the software packages we sell.

Good to know, just wondered if Easel would be fine for most things or if I’d feel limited to a degree over time.