*inkscape text to f-engrave for carving

has anyone done this? if so, kindly share the set-up please.

When I needed to make the dial for my locking register calipers ( https://www.shapeoko.com/projects/project.php?id=154 )

I did it as a vector drawing which I then converted into a character in a font which I then set in F-Engrave.

If the text is reasonably short, you should be able to do this. Alternately, F-engrave will accept DXF and pixel image files (though it then auto-traces the latter) — there are a number of DXF export options for Inkscape, and it’s that which the author suggests: http://www.cnczone.com/forums/opensource-software/146222-open-source-v-carving-post1501602.html#post1501602

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I have been doing quite a bit of Inkscape to F-Engrave. My workflow adds in GIMP as an intermediate step as follows:

Inkscape to create text/geometry > export as .png file > open that file with GIMP > export as .pgm file > import that .pgm file into F-Engrave.

This has worked quite well - I have been v-carving some key chain pendants/fobs and needed an oval around the text.

I started using the .pgm format because I wasn’t able to get the .png files to open, and I didn’t bother messing around to figure out why.

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