Inkscape to Easel - Basic Tray Design

I did a short video on how create simple trays in Inscape for use in Easel

Basic Tray Design

Hope it helps someone


is there no ‘offset path’ functionality in Inkscape?

Yes there is, but you have to set it each time, I just find this easier for me

It’s the Preferences - Behavior - Steps - Inset/outset

This is great!


I learned something new today - thanks!

For Affinity Designer users, the same thing seems to be done with the “Expand Stroke” function.

In Affinity, you can’t specify your line thickness in inches - only in points, so you have to calculate that out yourself. Affinity seems to throw around the terms Dots (as in DPI), Pixels, and Points interchangeably, but the default setting seems to be 72 of them per inch which can be changed in Document Settings.

Your U-Tube stuff is the greatest! Please keep it up. Any Boundary Waters tracings? Thanks