Inkscape Vectors to Vetric

Could you suggest someone who is proficient in creating vectors in Inkscape? I made an entire cribbage board with logo, but apparently I did it wrong and when I saved it as svg it didn’t create the vectors.

You should share your SVG. it may be a fairly simple operation in Ink Scape to get you close to where you need to be for Vectric.

Cribbage board (1)

The file you shared didn’t have a logo on it

OK Brad, I have imported it into V-carve pro (I assumed that’s what you meant by Vectric?)

cribbage board svg (92.5 KB)

note on import I note some of the lines don’t “join” (which will confuse the pocketing operation):

The holes are jagged I think because that is a screen shot on my mac of a windows 10 PC running in a window on the mac, so most likely some weird scaling thing. Looked fine on screen.

As a tip, I might export the lines and the holes as separate files and just align them in v-carve as that way they can be on different layers (way, way easier to select the bajillion holes to drill that way). BTW: I grouped the entire file so you may need to ungroup depending on your use, just so I could center it.