Inkscape vs Illustrator?

I’ve been getting the hang of Inkscape recently, but just started messing with an old version of Illustrator today. I’m curious, if any of you have used both, which version do you prefer to use when designing projects to carve, and why. I’m too new to vector design to really have an opinion yet, and would like to hear what others have to say.

EDIT: Any other stuff worth looking into?

Inkscape is great, esp. for being opensource and free. Another excellent opensource option (if you’re using Linux or Mac OS X) is Other opensource apps listed at:

Illustrator is workable, but I don’t much like the user interface (and haven’t since starting to use v3.2 on my NeXT Cube).

The new vector design kid on the block is Affinity Designer, which has been consciously modeled on Freehand.

List of commercial apps here:


Thanks @WillAdams That’s some good info.

I’ll have to have a look at the stuff you’ve linked. So far I am finding InkScape much more intuitive, but I am using a very old version of Illustrator to be fair. The learning curve ain’t exactly mild for either of them. It’s coming along though.

After nearly a full day in Illustrator, All I have to show for it is a butterfly. Could have probably knocked it out much faster in Inkscape, but hey…it’s a learning experience.

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