Inlay App bug?

Was using the Inlay Generator app on both my design computer (fast) and my X-Carve computer (slow). In both cases, when I changed the bit size or the tolerance offset, it appeared to recalculate the artwork, but didn’t.

I didn’t notice until after I carved out my pieces, and ended up wasting a bunch of zebrawood veneer and some acrylic because nothing fit, but that’s my fault for not double checking everything.

For my project I was cutting out a word, “Welcome” which contains a couple of compound paths, as well as being several shapes to start with. When I ran the app on each shape individually it seemed to work properly, but when I ran it on the whole word it only rendered inlay using the default values. “Combining” the individual shapes seemed to have no effect.

When I “jiggled the handles” a bit, going back and forth with different values, and then stopping for a few seconds to let it catch up, it did render the inlay using the values I needed. I don’t know if this is a bug or just a sluggish interface or what. I’m using Firefox on OSX in both cases.