Inlay App - Puzzle pieces not fitting

So…I got about 80 orders for custom puzzles this Christmas season. Until last week everything was going fine. Now all of a sudden my pieces aren’t fitting…at all…not even close.

I’m carving the same shapes essentially over and over again and using the same fonts. My bit is always set to 1/8 (.125) and my tolerance is 3 times the max amount so 0.03.

Can someone tell me why this isn’t working all of a sudden?


It may be that your machine has slipped out of calibration. It may also be that your bit is off from 1/8th. This might happen if you suddenly got a new source of bits. If the bit is larger than expected, your pieces will fit loose and if it is smaller your pieces will be too tight.

I recommend the following…

  1. Use Easel to design a rectangle that is 1 inch by 2 inches.
  2. Cut this rectangle out by cutting ON THE LINE and not inside or outside.
  3. Measure the short side and the long side with calipers. Call the measurements S and L.

Your bit’s cutting diameter will then be 2 times S minus L and your machine’s inch value will be L minus S.

If L minus S is bigger than an inch, you will need to adjust your steps to get it in proper calibration. If your bit is smaller than expected (2 times S minus L is bigger than 1/8th) then you need to tell Easel the actual bit diameter or your pieces will fit too tightly.

Any sudden change in output strongly indicate something “suddenly” changed or gave way. Look over the set screws on all pulleys etc, secure with Loctite if they havent been already.

I have seen reports of pulleys with some slippage (wiggle a fraction of a revolution, on the shaft) which may be hidden from plain view.