Inlay Generator Problem

I am trying to use the inlay tool to create an inlay. It created the inlay just fine. I cut the pocket using a 1/8" bit for roughing and a 1/16" bit for finishing.

I then cut out my inlay piece using the same 1/16" bit, but the inlay is substantially larger than the pocket.

Is there any way to salvage this? Any thoughts on why it happened in the first place?

When you generate using 2 bits it does what you show, try generate using only one bit. Been along time since I used it


When I use the Inlay Generator tool, there is only an option to use 1 bit, so I selected my 0.0625" bit. Then once generated, I added the second roughing tool.

I took some measurements of the inlay and the pocket. I found that the inlay was an average of 0.052" larger, which is curiously close to the size of my bit.