Inlay Generator

Hey Y’all!

I found this idea of creating a hanger like this and I was wondering if I could get some help as to how to complete this. I’m not sure if Easel will let me choose to carve some parts and only engrave other parts to complete the bow or if I could use the inlay generator for this?

Any help is appreciated!!

20 AM

Break your project into different work pieces based on the function you need performed

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You need two objects:

  • One for outline carve / cutout
  • One for name engraving

Like Phillip mentioned you can (but not a requirement) break it up into two separate work pieces.
This allow you to decide what carve first.

Thank you!!

Will do…still learning how to use the exploder app…it doesn’t explode into all the pieces I would need but maybe i just chose a super complex idea! Thank you for your insight!