Inlay Master

There are always questions about inlays and what can be done and how. This guy does some amazing and very detailed inlay work! He uses V-carve I noticed…and I am sure other software as needed. Very worth the watch. He is Russian and the video’s are in Russian, with translation at the bottom. I have not yet watched any of his how to videos, but at some point plan on it. I think this is a great example of what can be done! Very inspirational! @PhilJohnson I can see you doing some of these down the road. if the link doesn’t work, his you tube handle is mtmwood…well worth the lookup.


Been watching his video’s for a while now. So impressed with his work. Sometimes down right awe!!

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I just watched his Coat of Arms project. He isn’t messing around with his depth of cut. WOW!

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It was a combination of Bob Clagett and this guy, that originally convinced me to buy my X Carve.

My plan was to make inlay chopping boards like he does but believe me, it’s much harder than he makes it look. Having only a small lunchbox style thicknesser (plus the fact that my workshop is tiny) have forced me to give up that dream!

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He is unreal, love his mineral oil bath and his hydraulic press. You reckon he just makes cutting boards as a day job?

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yes he does. and it seems he’s making very good money doing it. Been watching his vids for a few years now. Even from before he had a cnc and made mathematical patterns and flag geometry just using the table saw. His first inlays were pretty basic, now he’s doing very intricate work.

1 thing to note though, he only does end grain work. This REALLY helps with respect to DOC and cut quality.