Inlay question-2

I am doing a letter inlay into a cutting board. I have cut the male part of it using a 20 degree V bit. I flipped the design in Easel so that it carves it like a mirror image. Worked good, so I than carved the female part in the cutting board with a 1/8" endmill than finished it with the same bit as the male part. The question I have is , The female part is real tight and I afraid that if I put to much pressure on it it will break. Can I change the setting in the inlay app from .003 (that Mo suggested in her vidieo) to .004 and rerun the finish program? I kind of think this will work but would like to know if anyone has done this.
Thanks Al

Well, the inlay generator app is only designed to work with endmills, not Vbits.

With a v-bit youd need to modify the output of inlay generator in order to get the thin glue pocket under the male part.

This extra process that isnt realy covered anywhere is likely the cause of the interference you’re experiencing…

As Seth mentioned, the inlay app was designed to use straight end mill.

using a “V” bit and/or a tapered cutting tool, is more of a manual(math)thing.

Good luck with your project.

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