Inlay with Vbit

If I use the Inlay Generator in Easel using a 60 Vbit what size should I choose when asked in the Inlay App? Using a 1/16" bit with tolerances of 0.001 an 0.003 the inlay insert is too small. Might try not using the Inlay Generator but thought about using the Vbit. Suggestions appreciated.

Get any help??

No so I am trying to use the 60 degree V bit and doing the like Vcarve does. Can’t finish testing it out any futher since my USB cable isn’t working now. Will need to purchase another one or get the company to replace the faulty one.

Check this and the post before it. Don’t use the inlay app for a v-carved inlay.

I like that one. The V bits are a tighter fit. I was disappointed the tolerances were not working with their inlay app for me so I designed one file to do it that way. I’ll try to remember to post a picture when I get the warranty part on the machine and do the pocket. Thanks for responding!

Gave up on the app.