Inscape and Easel HELP!

Hello all. I am in need of some help. I have tried unsuccessfully to manage to learn how to do it via you tube tutorials, and such with learning inkscape a little better. I am still trying to push thru, but hoping someone can help me out. I have seen several projects from other members making of bowls/dishes. I am trying to make a dish with shape of santa clause head. So I found a clip art file that I want to use, downloaded Inkscape, and began the long you tube journey how to use inkscape. I get everything down to the point where I have the image saved as a SVG file no problem. But having issues with trying to create the image to use to begin the bowl project. I think perhaps I am way over looking it, and its so damn simple I am blind to it.
Any help, or tutorials someone might have to help would be greatly appreciated.

I am also trying to do another project in inkscape to take this grateful dead file to cut out for a friend of mine. I can’t seem to figure out how to cut the Red and blue to a slight deeper cut to give it some depth. File I currently have now seems to cause my easel to freeze up.


In easel, you specify your material depth on the right side and each image element you click on and specify cut depth. Each element would then show in varying shades of grey; the darker the deeper…just like the ocean.

Yeah I know that part of it. The trouble I am having is getting the each shape or section to be independent to do that. This part I am struggling with

Have you tried the exploder app? Make a copy of you Santa and test out the app on your copy. If if works—great! If you do not like the results you still have the original to try something else.

Did you do tracing in inkscape?
Here’s a quick one that I made.
Procedure used:
Download decent image and open in Inkscape
Path --> Trace Bitmap
Remove original
Remove Fill paint
Add Stroke paint
Path --> Break apart

Not sure what issues you’re having with Santa

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Thanks Neil. After posting the original question with regards tot he Santa, I did some more snooping around on You tube and came across a video that explains exactly what you mention above. After messing around several times, I think I have muddied my way thru it, and figured out the Santa plate.
With that being said, I think if I do the same thing with the photo above, I will get it to work as well. Or So I hope. haha I appreciate the feedback. This forum has been a helpful tool to learn from others, and get advice for stuff like this. Its fun, but frustrating at the same time. haha

Thanks again.


Thanks for the feed back. I did try the exploder app, but wasn’t having much success with it. I think maybe the bigger issue is not fully clear on how the app works. I mean i do, but how easy I think it would be, isn’t working like I was hoping. Sure its easy, and I am just over thinking it. Anyhow, I did stumble across another you tube video that takes about inscape and some paths that Neil mentions in the feed below. So I was able to get the Santa dish taken care of. Still need to try if few more times to become more understanding of it. I think that same method will work for the other project trying to do from pulling the clip art images.

I do thank you for you videos. I have been referencing them time to time to gain more knowledge of easel. So its greatly appreciated. Keep up the awesome projects. you remind me of my Grandfather growing up. I wish he was still around, I can only imagine how tickled he would be with a CNC to make projects. haha.

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