Insert at cursor, click to fix

When you add a shape or graphic from the pro design library, it should be sticky to the cursor and not place itself in the workpiece until you click.

This will prevent it being dropped onto other complex shapes in the design which makes it hard to move.

Would be even better if you scaled first as well before placing, like many other graphic programs.

When an item is first placed into Easel, all objects contained within it are selected. Don’t click anywhere else in the design area… You can then simply hit the combine button (if multiple objects are present) and then just change the X & Y coordinates or select another preexisting object and align as necessary using the alignment tool.

I’m not saying that your suggestion is not good; I’m just providing you the easy way that I do it.


Brandon Parker

I agree but I find sometimes there are items you don’t want to combine.

And, I think my idea is better, LOL. And it would align with most other graphics packages.

Well, if you do not want to combine them just don’t combine them. They are all still selected initially and you can move them as a group.

I’m just saying… That is how you would accomplish what you want until any future improvement based on your request has been implemented.


Brandon Parker