Inserting cutting plans

Good afternoon all

I have a question… does anybody know how I get radio controlled aircraft plans in to x carve so it will cut out the parts instead of cutting each piece by hand
Thank you.

Scan them and import them.


Trace the parts on white paper and include a square in your unit of choice. In., MM, or CM. Use the printer/scanner to scan the paper and save that as a PDF. Import the PDF into a cad program and adjust scale by checking the dimensions of the square, and save as a DXF or compatible Easel format. Import the DXF and convert to gcode. Load the code…and cut away. I do this all the time when I want to copy existing parts I want to make in lieu of buying them from somebody else.

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Hi Martin

Thankyou very much for that detailed description, very much appreciated.

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I just cut about 50 parts out of a very expensive sheet of carbon fiber. These were to cover holes under the hood a custom show truck. In our case we used masking tape and marked it up on the truck, peeled them off, stuck it on cardboard then I cam home and redrew all the parts in easel. I cut them out of MDF first to confirm the shapes. Worked like a champ.