Inside Cut Missing Now

Just opened up Easel and started new project. When I went to put in a circle I want cut from middle of stock I no longer see cut on inside of line. Only On Path or outside.
Has cut inside path been removed?

I have found where it moved see attached screen shot
This was on windows 10 Chrome Version 47.0.2526.111 m

Hi @PeterHanse, it’s hard to tell from the screenshot but by chance is your browser zoomed in or out a little? Could you load Easel and try View → Actual Size and let us know if things get bigger or smaller and if that fixes the button? Thanks!

Definitely, the browser has zoomed

Hey, I have had this issue for the last few months. I use Chrome, Version 47.0.2526.111 on a macbook running OS X El Capitan V. 10.11.2. I figured it was just a bug that everyone saw. My browser is not zoomed in, this was my first thought when this originally happened.

Side note but potentially related, If my browser window is not fully stretched to the size of my monitor I cannot select the anchor points to stretch or expand the selected shape or text.