Install the Makita Router

The new upgrade is here. Detailed video showing the installation of the new Makita Router.


Going to have to do this at some point, nice video Phil

Looks awesome!

Thank you

Thank you very much

Nice video, thank you. Just ordered my Makita router and was wondering what improvements I can expect over the DeWalt 611. Does the Makita have brushes? If not, that would be a welcome improvement :slight_smile:

It is still a brushed router, the brushes should last longer using setting 1 since its a slower rpm vs dewalt on #1 and the brushes on the makita are easier to replace supposedly (i haven’t done it yet)

That said, the makita mount is the right size for a 65mm spindle!!

I am waiting for the upgrade kit and Makita mount to be delivered. I already had Luke’s “ultimate kit”. Hate to ditch that stuff, but you can’t order individual pieces of Inventables kit. I have 2 of the Makitas on hand, waiting to do some faster work. Looking forward to it.

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