Install Xcarve without DVD?

I ordered Vcarve Pro with the X-carve. I was sent a DVD. I do not have a laptop with a DVD player. How do I go about installing this software?


I think you can download it here

Then use the code that came with your DVD to activate it.

But I guess then he still wouldn’t have all the cliparts. If he has another computer with DVD drive or a friend with one, I would try to copy the DVD on 8GB USB Stick

I would ay one should get in touch with Vectric and explain the situation.
There are human beings on the other end after all.

I came to own a copy of vcarve pro 7.5 in a rather unconventional way and with their help, was able to get all my issues resolved and then I even upgraded to v8.0.

I sent the folks at Vectric an email about this issue. No reply so far…

Looks like I can get a USB DVD drive at Best Buy for $25.

Sad that one has to spend an extra $25 bucks when DVD is sooo yesterday.

But probably the fastest way to get beyond this glitch…


It might take a bit for vectric to get back to you , but they will respond. I think they are like inventables, a small er outfit with alot of interest in them.

I purchased VCarve Pro online and downloaded the program and all the clipart’s. I didn’t get the DVD and still have all the same files as if I had.


yeah pretty sure you can download all the clipart from vectric

If you have another Windows machine with a DVD on your home network it is very easy to make that DVD shareable so any PC on the net work can install software from it.

Vectric sent me an email with a link to download the clipart files so it is possible. I did not request the DVD option. Seems reasonable that if your computer does not have a DVD player that they would be able to provide you the source for the clipart files.

I purchased Vcarve on-line and was able to download all the clipart from the Vectric Customer Portal