Installing 0.2.2

Can anyone help me install Easel 0.2.2 every time I go into machine set up I get prompted to install 0.2.3 after researching the forum I need to get rid of 0.2.3 and install 0.2.2.

When I go in to machine in easel all my settings are not there and I have to re setup my machine. I am confused because the only easel I have downloaded is 0.2.2 but when I click on setup machine it wants me to download 0.2.3? I am not sure what to do but I do have a great looking 1700 cdn paper weight… lol

Sorry for the trouble, the 0.2.2 installer doesn’t install correctly over the newer version. Run the uninstaller in C:\EaselLocal\unins000.exe, then you should be able to install either version.