Installing drivers using Windows 8.1

Hi guys,
I posted this problem the other day thinking i had windows 8 but now realising
its 8.1. I download the software then plug in the usb expecting windows to
start running the install before it fails as it describes on the website but nothing
happens. Nothing runs at all for it to fail so i can take the next steps.Being a
total novice doesn’t help. Could anybody help.

Many thanks.


do you see the arduino uno listed in the device manager under Ports(COM&LPT) ?

Hi there,
Thanks for helping, no nothing comes up in device manager
as it should.


Did you download and install the Arduino drivers on Step 16?

Hi Zach,
Your have to excuse me but i’m not clued up on this part.
I have downloaded the software but it doesn’t seem to be running
to install the drivers. Could you guide me through this please.

Many thanks.

Hi @AndyMurray you need to double click the arduino-1.6.7-windows.exe to install it after you download it.

What should i expect to see on the screen when i do this
as i think i have done this once before. Do you see it loading

@AndyMurray I’ve never used windows 8.1 (I use a Mac) so you might need to wait until someone who has it can comment or until our support team is back on Monday.

I just googled it to try and find you the screen shots and found this YouTube video. I think you need to stop at 2minutes 50 seconds 1 close that window and go back to Easel. DO NOT LOAD THE BLINK SKETCH you will erase the factory files that run the X-Carve.

OK many thanks,
I have a mac at home but i thought it would be easier to get a windows laptop
for the X carve instead of a macbook pro. Wrong lol!!

For the Mac there is nothing to install. You plug it in and you’re ready to carve.


Personally I would prefer any 64 bit Mac to a Windows PC because I don’t understand Windows after Windows 7.

I’ve had a mac at home for the past 6 years so i think you can see why i’m
struggling with windows. Once it has installed the software it doesn’t seem to
guide you to the next step.

when you plug in the arduino do any of the lights come on?

Blue mains ok and X,Y,and Z lights ok when i move the axis with power off.

try removing the g shield. the board that plugs into the arduino. just plug the arduino up to your USB port without anything else plugged in . you should see a green light on that board come on.

I’m not infront of the machine at present as i keep it at my workshop
and i am now at home but i will try this tomorrow. What will this tell
me ? Is it telling me that the arduino is ok if i get the green light ?

well if you have the usb plugged in and the drivers installed and you don’t see the arduino in the device manager that would indicate an issue with the arduino or the USB cable. so you would first want to remove the gshield and all your wiring to verify your arduino. You should see a green light come on and you should at least see something in device manger. I think this problem is related to having the gshield board pins mis aligned.

If you can wait until Monday I might also add that Inventables support is top notch. If you get stuck on this give them a call and i’m sure they can help you get going pretty quickly.

Ok i will try this, many thanks for your help and time
much appreciated.