Installing MX3660

I’m about to wire up my MX 3660 tonight. I will be running this with WinCnc. Only problem is, UPS will probably deliver the WinCnc stuff after the guys at microsystems leave for the day. So, being that Im impatient, I will probably try to see if I can get this to work this weekend.

So, there are dip switch settings for each axis on the controller. 3 switches control amperage to the motors, and 3 control the micro-steps for each motor. So, I need to know what these nema 23 stepper motors are rated for so I can properly set the amperage with the dip switches. Any help would be appreciated. Kirk

Nema 23 motors that are 140 oz in are rated 2.8amps


Is there a recommendation for the steps per revolution settings? The MX3660 offers

I’m the procces of setting this up.


You want 1/8 step so 1600 pp/rev

Thanks Nick

Can someone suggest a LinuxCNC step drive timing? has a list of drivers and their configs but no MX3660. Im thinking each axis is pretty similar to a DM422. What do you guys think?

Nevermind, apparently LinuxCNC can import a Mach3 XML file. I grabbed the one here: and imported it no problem.

Nick, can you fill me in on the formula you’re using for this recommendation? I did use 1600 steps/rev on my 3660 and it seems to be running more or less ok although I have to use some pretty usually high step count settings in Mach 4 to calibrate the axis.

The motors have a step angle of 1.8 degrees which does translate into 200 steps per rev so wouldn’t the 200 setting be the calculated choice?

Not critiquing your expertise as I’m just trying to understand the background math/engineering to these setups.