Insuring accurate sizing of imported models

I want to carve some pieces that I have imported into Easel that when finished should have a maximum dimension of 2.5" x 9". what should I do to insure that I am getting that level of accuracy. This is not a rectangle but rather a part that has at least one point at 2.5" and the overall length is 9". When I import it, it comes into Easel as a “clear pocket”. I have been making the carve an “outside the shape” carve and I have been removing the outer most path shown. The pieces usually end up larger than specified in the shape dimensions. I know this is user error but I’m not totally sure how to correct it, especially since Easel does not have a measuring tool like Vectric to insure correct stats. The .svg file is dimensioned properly but the carve is still larger by about 1/8" or more.

Can you share your project so we can test it in the sandbox.

Robert, Here are the items I am working with at this juncture.

your cnc is not correctly calibrated.

Are those images to scale? At 2.5" tall, the shorter one is closer to 9.5in long (9-5/8" ish). The longer one is over 10-1/4".

Nope. Settings are spot on for all 3 axis settings.

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