Integrated notepad / marker notifications

It would be great to have a notepad integrated in the interface that could be brought up when needed. Also, things like item measurements/locations and such maybe have a ‘copy to notepad’ option. Would also be a good place to put notes for carves and build instructions.

There is currently an option to add notes to a workpiece.


Ah, yes, I see it. Thanks for the insight, that helps quite a bit. Now if I could dock it somewhere to keep it open. I know I could use notepad and arrange windows, but it would be nice to keep all the data in the same location. Thanks for pointing this out!

I wish we could add text right on the Easel work area. Highlight it, mark it RED and then have Easel completely ignore it when carving. That way I could add text right next to the objects I want to carve to serve as instructions.

That would be nice :slight_smile:
Basically the possibility to disable “carve” for a particular object, but allowing it to show.
Masking it behind a zero depth object is not useful for that purpose.

I’ve been carving for over a year now. Easel enhancements and suggestions have been made many many times. Yet…Inventables keep coming out with features we never suggest. Some of those features introduced over the past year have been nice and welcome, but some smaller features never see the light of day.