Interchangeable reinforcements

Hold on… I was confused a couple of times trying out the Open-Builds website, as their forum and store seem to be different sites or something…

Now, I believe that I may be “Tracking”. But, what I would like to ask is:

Are the Inventables “Extrusions”, and Open Builds “V-Slot­ Linear Rails” using the same specs, allowing interchangeability?


Are the grooves or dimensions manufactured in ways which will not allow interchangeability?

(sorry for the noob questions, i’m just not really sure about the “series” of things yet, and neither site seems to list series anyway… SOooo, im a touch out of my depth. LOL)

Absolutely! :smiley:

are this:


Interchangeable with?:

Hmmm… That leaves me back where I was. LOL

People are stating that they are reinforcing their X-Carves with OpenBuild parts. But, I am not sure what parts will match up, and what would be used to connect them with uniformity…

Do you understand what I mean?

Ohhh… I had fundamental misunderstandings. Thank you.

I thought that those were only a few of the reinforcements made… It left me with the impression that I could perhaps upgrade the foundation… and I was also getting curious about a ball-screw x-axis if they were interchangeable.

So (to be clear), each machine needs to stick to its company’s own extrusion provisions?

The only time i’d do that, is if it were replaceable with a “Ball & Screw” solution. :smiley:

Aside from concerns with general "X-axis ‘stiffening’ ", are the extrusions “mateable”? I’m wondering, because I’m curious about their uses for torsioning the base foundation, as I have doubts as to X-carve rigidity underneath waste board…

 ...just my thoughts as I plot on building upon the foundation.

Thanks for all of your continued patience, man.

I suppose that I am overall attempting to create a 1000 x 1800, rigid machine, rotatable to vertical storage, on a roll away cart (almost like an old, rolling, school chalk board). So, I’ve been attempting to find the best way to hold everything firm and steady as it rotates (and remains stored) on its longest axis.

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I’m no welder… but, I appreciate both of your inputs. :smiley:

I hope I’m not still in the “disregard” status if our last conversation lol. Yes the open builds extrusions are an exact match as far as bolting them together. If you look at my “it’s starting to look like an xcarve again” post. The 40x40 on the front of the base is openbuilds while the rest of the base is from Inventables. It was my X axis until the new 1 piece came out. And I hate to say it but openbuilds is about half the price.

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Holy Hell… I want that thing to “carve my babies”!!!

Where did you get the “end plates”?

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I cut them out of 1/4" 6061.

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