Interested in purchasing... Couple of questions

Hi, I’m very interested in purchasing a x-carve.

  1. What power requirements will I need? 110v? 220v? How many outlets… (Total setup including computer)
  2. I’m interested in the 1000mm model. My requirements are 24"x48" so I would need to upgrade one of the axis to 1800mm. What will I need in order to do this?
  3. What will the overall foot print be for the machine?
  4. What is the collet size on the 300w spindle?

Thank you.

  1. Either; two, one for x-carve, one for PC
  2. Additional Makerslide, longer belting, more drag-chain links, longer wires
  3. Someone should know. :wink:
  4. Standard is 1/8". I also bought a 1/4" for mine.

You can run everything on 110v. Tony’s answer of two outlets is correct, but if you want to do any kind of dust collection, you’ll want an outlet for that. My current power strip has the X-Carve, my pc, a shop vac, a fan, and my hand sander plugged into it.

As far as the footprint, in the 1800mm dimension you’ll only be over that by a couple of mm for the endplates. In the 1000mm dimension, you’ll probably have a drag chain running along side, so that takes about another 40-50mm I believe. You’ll also need a place to store your electronics/power supply, which is roughly shoe-box sized.