Interesting conundrum...upgrade or buy new?

1000mm upgrade Kit - $409
DW611 + mount - $159
2x 500mm extrusion - $14
2x 500mm makerslide - $26
2 Pack of insertion nuts - $10
10 cast brackets - $15
~10 eccentric spacers - $20
Misc screws/nuts - $20

Total to have a fully upgraded 1000mm X-carve including the yet un-released eccentric spacer upgrade…and do some upgrades to the frame that I posted on earlier.


Or… a bare-bones 500 new X-Carve, without things that I don’t need (wasteboard, limit switches, sideboard for controller, motors, etc…but comes with extrusion/slide to make the under-wasteboard structure, all the new eccentric pieces, a ton of assembly hardware (nuts, bolts, etc), a backup x carriage that i know has the hole for zprobe

$795 + $50 for the 1000mm 4040 upgrade = $845

So, about $192 difference, pending any strange additional hardware needed to do the eccentric spacer thing that I didn’t include in the $673


You can get the bundled software for V-Carve if you didn’t buy it before…and save $174.

It’s within $20 (for me at least, because I intend to reuse a good portion of the hardware) difference if I had the cash to spend on getting the Vectric software.

If there was a way to shave ~$100 off the new 500mm machine, it would almost be worth it to just buy a machine and scrap it for parts to do the upgrade. :slight_smile:

You have a 500mm now and you want to upgrade it to a 1000mm?

The new wiring and all the lock washers, belt clips, and eccentric spacers are worth the $20.

Have a 1000. Just doing the math if one wants a discount on vcarve its almost advantageous to buy a new 500 machine to get the software discount vs. Buying the upgrade separately. Particularly if you also want upgrade parts that aren’t part of the upgrade kit or need a new spindle and mount like I do.

Totally worth it but the wire harness and drag chain will be too short.

The new motors have plugs.

Sure but I could add plugs to my existing motor wires to attach into the xcontroller right?

That’s the least necessary (to me) of all the upgrades.

Oh I guess you could just use your existing motors. Adding the plugs into the X-Controller is no problem.

All the locking hardware, eccentric spacers, and belt clips is useful. Also you’d get all the new drag chain mounts and you could order some additional links if you wanted to use it.

The benefit of the new motors besides the plugs is the pulleys are permanent where the old ones had set screws.

Oh, Ok.

Well, how about buying the 500mm to get your discount on V-carve and selling the 500mm parts you don’t need so someone can up grade their 500mm?

Sure. I was just pointing out the math on upgrade vs barebones is almost worth it if you choose the discount on vectric.

Well the only parts not necessary to keep is the 500 gantry and spare x carriage. Would make the math much closer but combined that’s only like 50-60 $?

Does the $50 to $60 include the price of the V-wheel sets?

I’d probably keep those.

If you will end up with the same machine, either way, I would go the new machine route. Personal preference.

It only works if you want the vectric software. And have the funds.

Right now its an exercise in math. I can afford only the new 4040 and eccentrics. But for others who are in a similar boat I thought I would propose it.

Always a problem. I did get Vcarve PRO with my machine. Actually found out about the discount after placing my order, but the order hadn’t shipped so I was able to change it in time.