Interesting thread started on the Shapeoko forum X-Carve vs S3 videos

A member on the Shapeoko forum was lamenting that there is a plethora of X-Carve videos on YouTube and hardly any for the Shapeoko 3. One point he made was that Inventables gave away free X-Carves for review. It was also noted that the videos clearly stated that the X-Carve was made available for free. So he wanted to know why Carbide 3D did not do the same.

Bottom line, looks like there is a large X-Carve showing on YouTube and few for the S3.

Question, do you think the free X-Carve skewed the results or is it just that the X-Carve community out numbers the S3?

Link to the topic on Shapeoko forum;

I think giving away the X-Carve definitely skewed the results. I’m directly responsible for 3 or 4 videos because of the one they gave me, and I’ll be publishing even more as time frees itself up to play.

The woodworkers on YouTube tend to make videos of the toys they already have, and don’t have a lot of free money and time to spend on a tool that may or may not work out. But give them a free tool and ask for just a couple of videos, and if they can learn it easy enough and find it useful, they’ll make videos by the bushel.

I don’t know about skewing the result (what results?). But it was a smart move by Inventables, get the product out there, dominate the market, next THE WORLD!

I think it also helped that the X-Carve had a good release, where the S3 had some delays.

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